The Shape of Efficiency

MSD Multistage Centrifugal Pump Series

Efficiency designs the flow path. Flowing lines and smooth contours help the MSD to be the most efficient centrifugal pump on the market.

Maximizing Material Efficiency

Sophisticated casting processes allow optimal usage of material; no added material if not needed and ample material where needed.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Today, CFD is widely used for fluid machine design. However, it takes hundreds of tests to fine-tune and validate the results. MSD pump tests number in the hundreds during development.

MSD Impeller

Dealing with Thrust

Hydraulically induced axial thrust can exceed 15,000 pounds of force.


Ring Section Pump

Shaft in Compression - Conventional Design

Ring Section Pump Cross Section
  • Axial thrust increases potential for shaft bending or bowing
  • Increases potential for rubs with shaft bearings and impeller wear rings



Shaft in Compression - FEDCO Design

MSD Series Pump: Patented Water Bearing
  • Axial thrust causes shaft to become straighter
  • Straighter shaft reduces rubbing against shaft journal bearings
  • WATER BEARING™ places the shaft in tension

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