People Are Our Biggest Asset
Employees are the back bone of any business. FEDCO’s innovative and highly skilled manufacturing team works to ensure custom engineered equipment is produced at the highest quality, with speed and efficiency that rivals mass production pumps. Every team member has a voice in providing new ideas for work processes to improve productivity and cost savings. Our production staff are well trained, focused on safety and geared toward exceeding customer expectations with our equipment quality and fast delivery.
Integrated Processing

FEDCO’s design process automations generate rapid translation of customer requirements to jobs on the production floor. FEDCO has developed solutions for custom manufacturing our equipment with less time and cost than a mass-produced design. Instead of forcing our customers to choose a pump sized from a printed pump curve in a catalog, we can provide a customized pump based on their application need faster than a “one size fits all” option. We have created a paperless design and engineering for most orders processed with proprietary software that generates BOMs, CNC machining programs optimized hydraulic designs and quality control calibrated equipment to ensure maximum performance in a short manufacturing cycle. Five dedicated test stands conform to industry standards to confirm customer requirements are met or exceeded. The result is rapid delivery of a highly engineered solution.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

We utilize the latest advanced manufacturing machines and technologies in our world-class manufacturing facility located in Monroe, Michigan to ensure we remain efficient and competitive. An aggressive policy to invest in our facilities ensures that we can reduce costs to lower our customers costs for the highest quality solution over the products lifecycle. FEDCO’s innovative culture permeates the business, with a focus on efficiency. The more innovative we are -> the more efficiencies we gain-> the more time we have to be more innovative.

Business Success Leads to Innovation 560