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FEDCO’s Hydraulic Pressure Boosters or HPB energy recovery turbocharger leads the industry in efficiency and reliability. The HPB™ turbocharger reduces the energy consumed in a seawater RO system by up to 50%. With the HPB™, you can recover more than 80% of the wasted high pressure brine energy to reduce the size of the high pressure feed pump, lowering the motor electrical consumption. In the turbocharger, the high pressure concentrate or brine stream from the membranes enters the turbine side of the unit. This high pressure flow spins the turbine impeller of the rotor. The rotor converts the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy used by the pump side impeller. This mechanical energy provides a pressure boost to the feed stream. This boost reduces the pressure requirement of the RO system high pressure feed pump. The one piece custom engineered rotor feature the patented RotorFlo™ technology that eliminates external lubrication lines ensuring maximum reliability and minimal maintenance.

The following articles provide more detail on the benefits of FEDCO Turbochargers.