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Single Stage RO

FEDCO Pumps and Turbochargers offer a reliable and efficient solution for any single stage reverse osmosis system

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Feed Pump & Turbo

Feed Turbo (Any RO)High Pressure Feed & Circulation Pumps

Two-Stage RO

Unlock the full potential of your RO: FEDCO Pumps and Turbochargers power flexible and efficient multi-stage reverse osmosis

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Interstage Turbo (2 Stage RO)Multi-Turbo Solutions (SWRO & ZLD)

High Efficiency Pressure Management

Efficiency and reliability from 2.4 to 135 bar (500-2,000 psi)

Clean Fluid Pumps

High and Low Pressure Pumps

Ultra High Pressure Equipment

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High Performance Pumps

Efficiency and Reliability, from 2.4 to 100 bar (35 to 1,200 psi)

High and Low Pressure Pumps

High Pressure Feed & Circulation Pumps

Best-in-Class Turbochargers

Efficient and Reliable Pressure Management for any RO System

Feed Turbo (Any RO)

Interstage Turbo (2 Stage RO)

Pump & Turbo Packages

Pump & Turbo Packages Optimised to Suit Your RO Design

Feed Pump & Turbo

Feed Pump & Interstage Turbo

Patented Multi-Turbo Solutions

Increase Recovery and Reduce Total Water Cost with FEDCO's Innovative BiTurboTM Technology

Multi-Turbo Solutions (SWRO & ZLD)

Patented Multi-Turbo Solutions

Pressure Management Tailored to Your ROMulti-Turbo Solutions (SWRO & ZLD)

Patented Multi-Turbo RO Solutions

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Multi-Turbo Solutions (SWRO & ZLD)

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Service & Parts

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