MSS series feed pump

Multistage centrifugal high-pressure feed pumps that provide a new level of reliability and efficiency in seawater reverse osmosis pumps

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Looking for higher flow rates?

The MSD Series High-Pressure Pump is the successor product to the MSS, with 80-87% transfer efficiency for flow rates of 40 m3/hr to 1,080 m3/hr.

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Flow rate (m3/hr) 7.5 - 295 40 - 1,080
Maximum efficiency 80% 87%
Material of construction 316 SS Super Duplex


  • RO Feed, Booster or Circulation Pump
  • Any High Pressure Clean-Fluid Application


  • 7.5 – 250 m3/h (33 – 1100 gpm)
  • Pressures to 83 bar (1200 psi)
  • 316 SS Pressure Containment
  • Impeller and Diffuser are 316 SS – electropolished & passivated


  • Balanced Impellers
  • Simple Installation and Maintenance
  • No Oil or Grease Lubricant Required

MSS pumps are multistage centrifugal feed pumps specifically designed for brackish and seawater reverse osmosis service, representing the most reliable high-pressure feed pump available today.

Loaded with unique features such as the patented Water Bearing™  thrust bearing, product-lubricated shaft bearings, and maintenance-free design, the MSS ensures years of trouble-free operation. The MSS also features one of the longest warranties in the industry – a full 18 months of coverage from the date of product installation.
MSS pump with labels

  1. Shaft seal operates at low pressure
  2. Flexible disc coupling
  3. 316 SS shell support bracket
  4. Bearing drain line (low pressure)
  5. Precision leveling foot
  6. Grooved end pipe joints
  7. Duplex SS 2205 housing
  8. 316L SS stages – passivated & electropolished – proven in hundreds of SWRO applications
  9. Flanged construction for easy internal inspection
  10. Inlet rotatable in 90° increments
  11. Easy shaft alignment
  12. Integrated motor adapter (anodized aluminum alloy)

High Inlet Pressure Option

All MSS pumps can be equipped with high inlet pressure option to allow inlet pressure to 70 bar.
This unique design features:

    • Use of low-cost, standard mechanical seals, operating at a low pressure (typically 1-2 bars)
    • Total protection of the motor from pump thrust loads – a major problem with high inlet pressure operation
    • Pump shaft kept in tension – no potential for shaft buckling
    • Handles total axial thrust – no load on motor bearings
    • Never needs lubrication
    • Bearing cooled by feed water – no ambient temperature limit
    • 316L SS stages, passivated and electropolished

      MSS HPSC fade



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