Sustainable water for tourism in Cancún, Mexico

SWRO unit at Hilton Waldorf Astoria's new development in Cancun, Mexico

At a glance

  • Pumps and turbochargers supplied for a 1,300 m3/d seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) system, installed by Acuario Mercantíl in Cancún, Mexico
  • The additional water supply enabled a 750 room expansion to hotel capacity with no impact on local groundwater resources

About the project

FEDCO is powering greener tourism by working with Acuario Mercantil to supply desalinated seawater to two new Hilton hotel developments in Cancún, Mexico. 


Tourism is an incredibly important industry for Mexico, bringing in 97.4 million visitors and generating nearly $26 billion in revenue in 2019 alone. With Cancún remaining the most popular town to visit, the new development will be a welcome boost for the local economy. 

However, groundwater is scarce in Mexico and the tourism sector is in need of ways to grow without impacting freshwater supplies. 

RO skid in situ 2RO skid assembled in shop 3

Images courtesy of Acuario Mercantil

By tapping into seawater resources and utilizing desalinization technology, Hilton is able to minimize its impact on local water supplies, safeguarding water resources for future generations. 

FEDCO High Pressure Pumps and Turbochargers will power Acuario Mercantil’s seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) unit to supply fresh water to 750 hotel rooms across the Hilton Cancún and Waldorf Astoria Cancún resorts. 

The SWRO system will produce 1,300 m3/d of high-quality water, enough to provide fresh drinking water across the hotel rooms as well as the resorts’ spa, fitness facilities, event spaces and restaurants. 

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