The World’s Most Efficient Turbine Based Energy Recovery Devices

When ever fluid pressure is reduced through a valve or orifice plate, valuable energy is wasted. FEDCO Energy Recovery Devices harness that energy to pressurize another fluid stream or to produce electricity. Over 8,000 units are operating around the world – saving our customers energy and reducing operating costs.

Our fluid-driven turbochargers and turbogenerators can handle flows from 30 gpm to 13,000 (7 m3/h to 3,000 m3/h) and pressures from 100 psi to over 2,000 psi (150 bar). Every unit is custom-designed for maximum efficiency up to 82% and fast delivery. Super duplex stainless steel is standard.

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Standard Turbocharger_new

Standard Turbocharger

HPB – Hydraulic Pressure Boosters

  • Up to 84% energy transfer efficiency
  • All Duplex SS 2205 construction
  • Optional Super Duplex SS 2507 
  • Over 16 models that are customized to fit your project requirements

Motorized Turbocharger_new-1

Motorized Turbocharger

HP-HEMI – Hydraulic Energy Management Integration

  • Feed flows from 400 to 3200 m3/h
  • Pressures to 83 bar
  • Provides control of feed and brine flows and pressures. Eliminates the VFD on the high pressure pump for energy savings and CAPEX reduction
FEDCO Energy Recovery Turbochargers
FEDCO Energy Recovery Turbochargers can be paired with our High Pressure Pumps to provide the most efficient fluid pressurization for your project.
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From the largest desalination projects to the smallest, multi-stage RO delivers the longest membrane life and best permeate quality.

Find out more about how our patented BiTurboTM RO design uses turbochargers to optimize pressure distribution across an RO system.

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