Our patented BiTurboTM RO design reaches 60% recovery in SWRO
Maximize Recovery to Reduce Total Water Cost
  • Savings of up to 20% in Total Water Cost (CAPEX & OPEX)
  • Reduction of up to 33% in pretreatment and intake size
  • Reduced chemical consumption
Improve Membrane Performance
  • Reduce fouling potential
  • Improved flux balance through the array
  • Reduced lead element and increased tail element flux



Achieve the Lowest Total Water Cost

Two stage membrane configurations using highly efficient turbochargers deliver high recovery, long membrane life and low energy consumption.

Increasing system recovery to 60% reduces the size of almost every component in the RO system by 33%, including intake infrastructure, pretreatment equipment, pumps, motors, pipes and valves. Plant footprint and scope of civil works are also drastically reduced.




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Dedicated support throughout
the project life cycle

FEDCO works together with system builders to fine tune turbocharger performance to cover all duty points.

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Whether small containerized systems or a mega-scale project, the BiTurbo™ provides the lowest CAPEX and the lowest cost of permeate available.


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