FEDCO presents desalination solutions at Arab Water Convention 2023

On February 20-21, 2023, FEDCO attended the Arab Water Convention 2023 in Dubai, which aimed to address the critical water challenges that the Arab world is facing and focused on sustainable procurement and management of non-conventional water resources.

With over 25 years of experience providing desalination solutions in the Middle East, FEDCO is a trusted partner in the region with references from the smallest reverse osmosis installations to mega-scale facilities at Saudi Arabia's Jeddah and Ras al Khair sites. AWC23 Casey discussing BiTurbo-1000px

FEDCO Vice President Casey Bly demonstrates the company's patented BiTurboTM SWRO solution

At the Arab Water Convention, FEDCO showcased their innovative approach to mega-scale desalination, which offers the potential to bring down energy consumption and extend membrane life by up to 30%.

This design offers a cost-effective solution for water scarcity issues in the region, and is designed to optimize membrane performance, hydraulic efficiency, and electrical efficiency. The result is an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to water management. 

Improving the efficiency and reliability of seawater desalination is crucial to the future of countries in the Middle East and beyond, where the need to reduce carbon emissions while bringing additional water resources online is a crucial challenge.

With our unrivaled experience and commitment to sustainability, FEDCO is dedicated to delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions for sustainable water management to meet the water demands of the Arab world and beyond.

Reach out to our team to find out more about working with us on your next RO project, and to find out more about energy recovery for desalination applications, from containerized units to the largest SWRO mega-projects.

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